The 2015 Sasol bursary applications are open and students are encouraged to send their applications. The Sasol bursary programme provides an all-inclusive package and is rated as one of the most competitive bursaries in the country.

The bursary package includes tuition fees, residence and meals, which has been designed to alleviate the financial burden on students. This ensures that the students’ focus is to prepare for their academic careers. Further, Sasol provides paid vacation work and an opportunity to work for the company, upon graduation.

Con-current to the bursary scheme, Sasol offers a 36-month learnership programme for students who want to become qualified artisans. The learnership exposes learners to theoretical and practical training, equipping them to work at Sasol and up-skill them for opportunities beyond the company.

“Sasol is commitment to nurture our country’s bright future by investing in the next generation of high performers. Skills development plays an important role in growing the upstream skills pool in southern Africa,” said Monica Luwes, Corporate Graduate Services at Sasol.

Sasol’s total bursary invested for 2013 was R54.7 million, with the focus primarily on developing skills in science, technology and engineering. The company currently has 629 undergraduates and post-graduate bursars as well as 238 learners in external technical skills partnerships. In addition, there are 5 732 Sasol employees who are currently receiving learnership training.

Sasol bursary, provides a strong foundation for a career

Veli Sibiya held a bursary throughout his four-year mechanical engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand. He believes he received a world class experience from the programme. He is now a section engineer at Sasol’s Middelbult Colliery, overlooking the overall safety performance, maintenance and cost effectiveness of the allocated coal shaft.

“The Sasol bursary scheme has a very supportive structure - all my educational and personal needs were priority to the skilful and experienced personnel running the programme,” he said.

Sibiya sets his goals on becoming a Sasol Executive in the next 10 years, but for now he reflects on how far he has come with the assistance of the Sasol Bursary Scheme.

Since being employed at Sasol, in 2007, Sibiya has completed his Government Certificate of Competency and Black Belt Sigma Methodology Training which has helped catapult his career. He is currently completing his Professional Engineers qualification and hopes to start studying a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 2015.

Sibiya believes that Sasol has given him a sense of belonging and that the company provides the support and opportunities needed for career development. “I love the organisational culture at Sasol and I take pride in seeing the business grow. I appreciate the strong foundation of my career that Sasol has given me.”

Applications for the bursary scheme will be accepted until 31 March 2014. Candidates interested in applying for a bursary or learnership can log on to or can call 0860 106 235 for further information.